Our Story

Since 1998, our people have been at the forefront of sales training, leadership training, personal and professional development in the United States. With our strategic partnerships we are now able to bring our years of insight and experience to the Australian market.

Our Mission

To provide simple strategies for a fast and complicated world

Our Values


We believe companies should be free to learn, free to create, and free to succeed. Sometimes the restrictions and limitations simply have to be removed in order to allow employees the freedom to grow and succeed.


Do the right thing. We stand on the cornerstone of integrity because without it, nothing of value can be accomplished. The strategies we provide to motivate and educate employees are based in a genuine desire for each individual’s growth


When people give for another’s benefit, that’s contribution. We value making the choice to take action and voluntarily give for the express purpose of helping others. Our belief is that teams will succeed when each team member is willing to contribute.


Courage is being willing to contribute day in and day out – even when you don’t know the outcome. We see fear as a positive warning signal, and we therefore value courage as the means to take action even in the midst of uncertainty.


See what we have to offer, select the service that rights for your organization and start developing your team today.

“They have helped us realise and strengthen the culture of our company, provide a five year direction for our entire operation, our leaders are engaged in our business like never before and our entire team has a fantastic belief in the direction of our company”

Wade von Bibra – von Bibra Auto Village, Group General Manager