What We Offer

Free To Bounce, we are committed to working with individuals and enterprise level organisations, to improve processes and dramatically change the trajectory of business to increase sales and close the deal.


Are you ready to shift your goals, your habits, your energy to reach new defined levels of success?

Our goal at each of The Shift Retreats is to equip 20 amazing leaders to change and shift their current focus, to find that undefined competitive edge at the highest of levels. For 4 and a half days, this unique elite management and leadership event will provide information and practical tools to prepare for new levels of success. The content has been specifically designed and will be taught by Paul Cummings and team, to provide practical processes that under pressure, produce real results. Discover the link between your personal choices and your business success within this unique learning environment.

Take advantage of this opportunity to take your team to new heights by becoming a better leader, coach, and mentor.

  • 5 star venues
  • Unique learning
  • Practical application over theory
  • Collaborative discussions on how to bounce forward, higher, faster and even slowing down to reflect back where necessary
  • How to manage your minutes an moments to create magical experiences for yourself, those you work amongst, and your company
  • How real choices in real time make real change
  • How to eliminate current fears to make effective decisions that have lasting change


Free To Bounce Learning (powered by Woople) is corporate learning made simple. Whether it’s a better system to bring your new hires up to speed, a leadership development program, multiple locations that need streamlined communication, or training initiatives that need to be distributed quickly with assessments and reports, Woople is equipped to provide the solution you’re looking for. It is best described as a web-based learning system anyone can use to train, educate, and inform individuals, groups, and organizations. Every feature was designed and incorporated only if it contributed to making learning S.A.F.E.: simple, affordable, fun, and efficient.


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Attend a keynote event unlike any other. Paul Cummings brings unrivaled energy, enthusiasm, and skill to his keynotes, leaving a profound impact on his audience. He is passionate about helping individuals and organizations reach their goals, and he customises each presentation to meet the needs of the specific audience. As a result, Paul teaches a repeatable process designed to create lasting effects. He receives countless letters and emails thanking him for the difference he has made in individuals’ lives from speeches he has given throughout the years.


Customised learning experiences designed to fill the needs of any business or group of businesses. Our events are more than educational; they are life-altering experiences for all attendees.

We offer a wide range of topics for our clients to select from. These topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Grid Square Communication
  • Winning Words
  • Power Up Communication and Leadership Programs

Talk to us directly to gain an understanding of our full offerings based on your business.

Sustainable business processes that can be embraced and repeated

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